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Have you always wanted to trace your ancestors but
don’t have the time?

Using censuses with birth, marriages and death records
I can help you build your family tree.

Pictures of my family and I out doing research

My name is Julie Fraser and I have been tracing my own family’s history for a number of years. I now have over 2500 ancestors on my family tree! More and more I hear people saying that they would love to know where their ancestors came from and how they lived, but just don’t have the time to do the research.

I can use mainly computer based resources to build up a family tree for you and then you can have the enjoyment of visiting the places where your ancestors lived. If you are lucky you may find the houses they occupied or their gravestones in the local churchyard.

My family and I have enjoyed over a dozen trips in the last year to various towns and villages as near as Bedfordshire and further afield in places like Somerset or Warwickshire. We have even found and met up with some distant relatives! To enjoy all of this you must first have the research to hand and that is where I can help you.

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