How far back?
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I can use censuses which start in 1841 and continue through once every 10 years until 1901.

These are a good way of tracking your ancestors and finding out where they lived and also more about their immediate family.

I can also use birth, marriage and death records to gain a fuller picture of their lives. It is usually quite possible to trace your family right back into the early 1800s relatively quickly.

Presentation of Information
I have a software package which will build a database of your family and from this I can give you the results in a number of ways. The first is simply printing out your family tree and genealogy reports for your family members. Or I can give you the information on a computer disc and you can then use it with your own Family History package or you can “upload” your tree to a site such as genesreunited where you can link up other people researching the same ancestors. All the information I research is investigated to the best of my ability and is presented with documentary evidence where available. If assumptions have to be made due to lack of documentation then this will be discussed during the research at the time of presentation.

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